Staff Members

Our dedicated Staff members are 100% volunteers (and instructors in their field).

Theresa Wayne: Executive Director and BOD in charge of Education Programs, Operations and Planning. (Drawing, Painting, Crochet & Sewing)

Marilyn Winborn: BOD, and Web Administrator in charge of web design and features. (Jewelry, Beading and Web Development)

Dawn Sullivan: Office Management in charge of Bookkeeping. Instructor:  Quilting and Sewing; Sit and Sew

Sharon Ervin: Office Administration in charge of Class Coordination and Ofc. Admin. 

Frank Sullivan: Former Exec. Director, founder and BOD,Pottery and Music.

Rick Bowman: BOD, Pottery Studio Management and instructor.

Donna Britan: Volunteer

Instructors are ARRAC members or Guest Instructors paid on a commission basis.