Thank You 

To the members and supporters of ARRAC current and past: November 2016 marks the beginning of Alabama River Region Arts Center’s seventh year. The first year volunteers worked tirelessly renovating the old Jr. High, painting, scraping old paint, acquiring furniture and setting up policies.

In 2012 ARRAC goals of developing repeatable programs produced the following program structure and continue to improve the facilities and policies. Annual programs are:

  • Christmas Faire (Nov/Dec) programs.
  • Blue Grass Jam
  • Ukelele Jam
  • Sit ‘n Sew; Sit ‘n Scrap (first Saturday); and
  • Clubs for Kids (Tuesday afternoons).

Still, a wide variety of classes are offered as artists, crafters, musicians, and singers, both experienced teachers and novices bring their talents to the people of the River Region.

We continue to encourage the public to ask for a desired class of interest, suggest a time and day range so that we may contact area artists to fill the need.

Instructors are welcome to use ARRAC facilities, as long as space is available. The fee structure was recently reviewed with the current market. We look forward to offering more attractive rates.

We hope that you will join us in kicking off our seventh year of service. The Arts Center continues to be a place to provide programs, discover instruments and art materials; develop skills and talents without external pressures; and provide invaluable balance to this community.

Continued support is still greatly needed. Please be generous with your time, donations and words this year.


Theresa Wayne Executive Director, ARRAC